About Us

PT. Sultan Marine Agency International

About Us

PT. SULTAN MARINE AGENCY INTERNATIONAL, is a company specially established top serve the international industry in the supply of ship’s personnel.

We has designed our operation with perfect and punctual services to our principals, and cooperate closely with all parties who involve in the industry.

with special focus in education and training in order to be able to supply the best qualified seafarers. although the company is considered young in the industry, quickly reached a place as one of most responsible company who supplying seafarers to international maritime industry.


Vision : To Become one of the best and top Crew Management Agency Of Seafarer’s, By way of providing all the necessities that are required in the shipping business both in Indonesia And Internationally.

Mission :  To enhanced the quality of Shipping world in Indonesia o be of same or higher standard as that of the International Shipping Groups without violating the prevailing norms and International Shipping Laws

Manpower Planning and Personal Management

PT. SULTAN MARINE AGENCY INTERNATIONAL, will avail it self to be part of the process of manpower planning and managing, we concerned with the maintenance of human relation ship and ensuring the physical wellbeing of the manpower supplied to give maximum contribution.

manpower planning will maintain and improve an organization ability to achieve corporate objectives by developing strategies which are designed to increase the present and future contribution on manpower.

To achieve an efficient operation. This high standard of planning and recruitment is needed. And as a reward for the employer is high as a great reduction in cost is possible reduction in one area in particular, manpower turnover, which can save a great idea of money

Why Us ?

Many shipping companies operating international has been employing Indonesian seafarers since the early seventies and found them satisfactory. Not only are the found on board cargo vessel, container, bunker, tankers, tug boat, crew boat, fishing vessel, etc but thousands of Indonesia ships personnel are found on board well know cruising companies operating luxury cruise vessels thought out the world.

being an internationally oriented recruiting agency, PT SULTAN MARINE AGENCY INTERNATIONAL. Established under the law of republic Indonesia, is a government licensed company operating into the supply of Indonesian manpower to foreign employers, with specialization in the supply of Indonesian seafarers (ship’s personal). Backed in a strong managerial and trained qualified staff having direct access to various educations and training institution for various occupations.

We are ready to select and prepare the seaman for work on the various type of vessels. All seamen are certificated in accordance with STCW 2010 requirements. All seafarers are experienced and fully qualified specialists. The seafarers engaged through the company are working both: individually with different nationalities, and on full crew basis. Our database consist of more then 1000 officers candidates. Also, there are a many of deck and engine cadets, who have obtained the required certificates of competency, after graduation of the Maritime Academies and Marine Colleges, and there are to join to crew of the vessels.

In all cases, we work very closely with you maintaining close contact so that a solid relationship is built up.


Our Crew


  • Master with Class ANT I, ANT II, ANT III
  • Chief Officer with Class ANT II, ANT III
  • 2nd.Oficer with Class ANT II/ ANT III
  • 3rd.Officer with Class ANT III
  • ANT IV/V
  • Bosun
  • AB
  • Cook
  • Fish Vessel


  • Chief Engineer with Class ATT I, ATT II
  • 2nd.Enginee with Class ATT II / ATT III
  • 3rd.Enginee with Class ATT III
  • 4th.Enginee with Class ATT III
  • ATT IV/V
  • Oiler
  • Mess Man
  • Fish Vessel

Quality and Services

What are the most important matter which concern PT. SULTAN MARINE AGENCY INTERNATIONAL ? QUALITY AND SERVICES ! The company take special period in ensuring that is assign manpower who meet the employer’s requirement. Computerized integrated operation, the company has very informative data bank enabling the company to asses on a continuous basis on exiting and future shortage and establish an image of high manpower standard. Together with our various personnel, recruitment and retention system have been designed with the objective mind, quality and services. Because of the multitude of services that we are able to offer.

We believe that we can provided the best business needs, you be assure that we can help you to meet deadline and help you efficiently without interruption or shortage of manpower.

Company Profile

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